Go Ahead and Be A Couch Potato

When I’m feeling down or in a rut I think the best thing to do is escape. Movies and books are a form of escapism that I believe is good for the soul. So, if you’re lying in the bed crying over an unfortunate situation, go put in a feel good movie watch something that could make you smile or at least put your mind at ease. Leave your situation behind you for two hours and know that you’re not alone.

I’m a movie-buff. I must say that when I recommend movies it’s coming from an excellent source. So, you should listen. I won’t be putting down all the pregnancy movies on this list: Only the good ones that make pregnant and single people feel better. This could be a post in progress, as I’m sure I’ll think of some more movies that are good for the soul along this journey.

Must watch movies for the pregnant and single:

  1. Waitress- It’s a quirky Dramedy, and it’s also one of my favourite movies ever made. It’s just a lovely movie. And if you should watch any movie off this list, please watch this one. Love, Love, Love.
  2. Juno- If she can get through it, so can you! And we will do it with laughter, tears and most important of all, Sarcasm.
  3. The Back-up Plan- Yes, I still think I have good taste. This movie is a giant cliché and a total fairytale fantasy, but it’s so much fun!
  4. For Keeps- It’s not so much about being pregnant and single as it is about a pregnancy that is not all that wonderful all the time.
  5. Knocked Up- If you haven’t seen this movie, you are missing out and that goes for everyone. This one will make you laugh.
  6. Rosemary’s Baby- Only watch this movie if you are a horror movie fan, otherwise you might start having nightmares about your baby. Actually, it’s probably best to save this one for after the baby’s born. You think you’re ex was bad!

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